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How many times...?

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Went through all mine about 2 week ago...IMG_20200322_100807.thumb.jpg.d9af3dc68209b4d99d22ecfaeafa863f.jpg

Think I may re-spool at weekend, the line I have on now isn't that old so I'll put on a spare spool and put the top line to the bottom of spool so bottom becomes fresh line 😁

I keep thinking of things for my gear, but there's only so many rigs to make, so many PVA sticks/bags.

I'm in the process of hopefully swapping/selling my 2 Man bivvy for a Brolly System. Hopefully soon, when the lockdown finished 🤞🤞

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3 minutes ago, Big Bass said:

Highly just a thought have you got shares in Sonik  🤔

Wouldn't mind 😁, I'm hoping for the New AXS Brolly n Wrap or the SK Tek Brolly and Front Wrap.

Then maybe both my bedchairs and bags for the SK Tek system.

Then an SKtek armchair for father's Day, 

Then a Vader X Pod 


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I've started going through mine at long last, although I had respooled my reels just before the start of lockdown.


Some fresh rigs tied yesterday. I cut down the rigs which I had tied for Bromeswell as I'm not going to be using size 10's on Alton, need at least a size 6 on there, whereas Bromeswell has a maximum size 10 rule. The size 10 Solar 101's will be checked and used for floater fishing for carp and chub.

The bomb site that my tackle box had become will be tidied, maybe even cleaned if I get that bored.

Unfortunately I don't have the space to sort and clean my bivvies, all three of them, might have to do them in front of my flat on the concrete.

The landing net mesh needs repairing or replacing, I managed to rip it pike fishing, catching a set of trebles on it, making one big hole when I landed a double figure pike out of the ressie.



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29 minutes ago, bobcross said:

Starting on mine next week so long as she who must be obeyed doesn’t find any more jobs to do.

Mine is like that, but as soon as she finds a job i do it, then they all build up, then as soon as I ask for something/to go fishing it's an OK. 

My motto is, sooner to do it, then it's done sooner 😁

I've only got to Jetwash the paths round house and finish front pointing(friend maybe paid to do this now).

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