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Please can you help me, just a few questions

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Started carp fishing recently and i'm a bit confused about silicone rubber ect and litteraly all i wanna know is


What is heat shrink tubing for

What is silicone tubing for

Whats a good zig rig length i know it will entirely depend on the depth but whats a ideal length 

What is the ideal hair rig length


Thank you 


its more than likely a simple answer but i can't seem to find anything anywere hope you're all doing well

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Welcome to Carp.com

Some serious questions there, with no simple answer.


Shrink tube and silicone tubing can both be used on hooks to extend the length of the 'shank', to make a fixed point for the hair to leave the hook. Silicone tubing is used more for straight line aligners as it is not fixed in shape, it is soft and pliable in use. 

Shrink tubing, once it has been shrunk, is firmer, does not move as far. It can be formed into shape, extending the hook shank, but creating curves and angles to form a plain kicker, L shape, or a curve like on a Withy Pool rig. You can also create line aligners, by putting the hooklink through the shrink tube with a needle as you would with silicone and then shrinking it.


Zig rigs, the ideal length; anywhere between the bottom and the surface. You can use a zig rig to present a bait on the surface, or anywhere in between.

Possibly the best way to find the perfect zig rig height in the water is to use adjustable zig rig set up (see picture, various makes are available).

I start with the float on the surface, and tighten down so that the hookbait is on the surface. I then reel in a foot at a time so the the hookbait is pulled down a foot or so, thay way I can test the various levels within the water. I have also found doing this that I do not necessarily need to know the depth of the water.


Hair rig length.

I have a very simple rule for me. Look at the fish you are hooking, landing or losing to hookpulls.

If you are losing fish or the hook is right on the edge of the lips, then the hair is not long enough.

If you are hooking fish deep in the mouth, or can see it has scraped down the mouth as it has taken hold, even hooked in the cheek, then the hair is too long.

If you have hooked the fish just inside the mouth, dead centre of bottom lip then the hair length is right.


Now what constitutes how long the hair itself should be?

If you tie a hook on with braid or coated braid knotless knot style, say you use 16mm boilies, then put 2x 16mm boilies on the hair, and form the knotless knot tight to the boilie. Now remove 1 boilie from the hair leaving one as your hookbait. That is how long the hair is to start.

If I use 18mm as hookbaits, then I form the hair the same way using 18mm baits.

It is slightly more difficult if I'm using double baits, instead of putting 2 baits on the hair, put 3 on as you tie it. Then take one off.




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Echo everything Nick said and will add the following.

On 17/05/2020 at 01:40, cromiee said:

Whats a good zig rig length i know it will entirely depend on the depth but whats a ideal length 

The only answer to this is that the length should be set in accordance with where the carp are in the water column. Unless you can see them it is a case of trial and error to determine where this is. A decent place to start is 1/4 depth under the surface (so if the area is 20 ft deep set them at 15 ft (5 ft under the surface), and if the area is 10 ft deep set them at 7.5 ft (2.5 ft under the surface). Like I say - this is just a starting point. Lots of trail and error is required and the adjustables that Nick mentioned can come in handy here.

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