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Need a good rod quiver

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I've had a cypry 5 rod quiver for nearly 20 years..very strong material..its still usable but getting quite worn in places now.

My thing is considering I've had it so long you would think I could get something better nowadays but I cant.

Nothing is comparing..i recently purchased an Avid 5 rod quiver that looked good with a large centre compartment but was so flimsy i knew it wasn't gonna last very long..it had a handle on the bottom to make it easier to get in and out the car which was a good idea as my other one didn't but the very first time I tried this handle it just ripped off before I even got it in the car and teared the bottom of the quiver!.

So guys...I'm looking for a strong 4 or 5 rod quiver with 2 outside compartments for nets and banksticks a lead pocket would be a bonus with or without rod sleeves...I would love to buy another like the old cypry one.

Been wondering buying a 5 rod nxg trakker but after my experience with that avid not fit for purpose thing makes me more than dubious about buying more rubbish.

Any recommendations welcome 


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