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Hi All

Hope everyone is well, first time here.

Im thinking of going back to the rods after a break of many many years and Im sure things have moved on somewhat since then (I remember fishing with Robin Red when it first came out, so if you know what that is you will have some clue :).... 

I need a kit refresh specifically rod holdall and day chair first. Looking for something with lots of padding for up to 3 made up rods. Ideally with individual internal pockets to keep Rods separate.

And a nice comfy well padded day chair. 

Any recommendations for online shop websites ?

Let me know your thoughts Kr



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Welcome to Carp.com.


My rod holdall or sling tends to change from time to time. I have a Fox Specialist sling that takes 3 rods, landing net and a few banksticks for day fishing, although my unhooking mat usually has my pod folded up inside it.

If I need an umbrella, then the sling straps to a Fox Royalle Brolly Carryall.


As for chair, for height I found a green camping chair works, although I do have a TFG Banshee chair is usually folded up in (another) Chub Beanie unhooking mat.

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