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July Catch reports

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On 12/07/2020 at 14:49, bluelabel said:

12lb 10oz Mirror... sorry for the Rubbish pic... Good scrap and a double bootee slipping it back... ho hum


I didn't know Cowboys went fishing ? 😁

What do you think of your Korum Fastmat , Blue ? ; I love the compactness of mine , but now I'm wondering if it's going to be big enough when I land a chunk 🤣 ? . 

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Just back from anther session 2 days in and nothing and i was feeling a bit of pressure to be honest, i pulled my rigs in and went the shop for a tin of gas, one samwich and a bottle of pop i was back on the rods. took a good look at my pop up rigs and realised i had been shoting them wrong, have to admit it was a real noddy moment.

I put one back out on a fluro boom a tipped wafter, next was a pop up that was also on a fluro boom, was thinking the fluro might be sitting on chod, so i tied a boom out of hook braid, got it casting and sitting nice, that was two rods out now time for the third.

This one was going about 40 yards straight down my left margin to a area in front of a tree that has a lot of fish feeding there, but it is rare they will take a bait from there, i put the rod out it is an easy cast if you stand in the water, then i filled it with 20 good size balls of good groundbait plus a fair amount of boilies all with the pult, nice and easy.

Finally had the that third rod rip off at about 3am this morning, resulted in a 11 kilo mirror that's 24.2 in old money, not being all euro doing kilos but my scales are easier to read in kilos due to the dial plate getting a bit cloudy. 

Had nothing on the other two, nice little result not much coming out on either lake, plus there are more guys trying for the big uns as some haven't been out in a while, heck of a lot of bait going in.

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