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Hello folks hope all is well 

Will get straight to the point 

Have a small budget to aquire some new or second hand rods around the £200 mark 

Have been using wychwood A101 3 1/4 tc that I paid 50 for both rods. 

Hated them with a passion they were like poker sticks no feel of any fight to the fish and a fair few hook pulls 

Have been catching carp mainly on the rivers

And have been offered x 2 greys air curve rods 3ib tc for 200

Or some free spirit ctx 2.75 x2 rods for 160 used twice 

Or again  the free spirit ctx x2 rods  3ib tc brand new for 200

Now I'd like something that can reach me at least 100 yards. 

Has anyone had any experience with the above rods are they good prices 

I've also been offered some greys gt3 £50 a rod they've been used 

Kind regards in advance 

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10 minutes ago, greekskii said:

free spirit ctx are meant to be incredible for the price. I know a few people that have a couple of sets and rave about them. Styling is something you have to like though with the X wrap and abbreviated handles. 

You can get Cork handled versions sometimes, Johnson Ross is largely out of stock but for me a much more visually appealing rod 😁

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