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Anyone know how to fix a slipping clutch on a baitrunner ST, it is giving line even when reeling in a bit of weed it is no longer safe for fishing unless there is a nut or something i can tighten? not worth paying for a service, couple of old RE Areo on gumtree could be a quick replacement for 20-30 notes, would sooner fix this one for now though. 

That last fish i had this week seems to of finished it off. 

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I had a similar problem. I could not tighten up the rear drag tight enough. All I did was loosen the baitrunner drag as far as it would go then strip off some line against the light drag. I then reset it to it normal position and was then able to tighten up the rear drag enough after that, I have no explanation why but worth a try before going in.

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