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how big are ya balls ?

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On 28/09/2020 at 22:47, DENNIS said:

That is a roach magnet approach mate, on some lakes, bigtime

Not a fan of the baiting pyramid then


On 29/09/2020 at 23:50, DENNIS said:

Just use boilies mate, but there are other more old and less fahionable alternatives ; )

Seeing as the point of the forum is to share knowledge why don't you try enlightening us of some the less fashionable alternatives

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1 hour ago, elmoputney said:
1 hour ago, DENNIS said:

read some old books rather than modern doggy excrement


I love a read of some the old carp fishing texts, whats your favourite 😀


51 minutes ago, DENNIS said:

and you can not only have wet dreams about Elliot and terry tonight, but ALSO big fat Dannyboy!


46 minutes ago, DENNIS said:

At least you have carl and alex to watch on youtube so things aren't all that bad!

Take it your not a fan of the current string of social media stars 🤣

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6 hours ago, DENNIS said:

Yes I am I LOVE carl and alex

And steps, bananarama, wham,  & swearing and repeating myself, oh and I am also pretty good at vintage bottom blowing, I am Lenard a man sadly that claims to be a journo (classified ads) and vintage golden scale club member (made the membership card using a rice crispie packet and a cutout from total carp magazine ) 

Who doesn't love Carl and Alex, they have done so much for the sport already, 

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