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2 month blank...unless we include Bream?

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So after a great start on this years ticket (2 in the first few over nighters) i have been on a 2 month blank. Solid bags (pellet and popup) and some spod/throwing stick particle and boilie doing the damage, however this venue has less then 40 carp and a good few hundred bream, this led to most sessions being destroyed by them, so larger baits, crumb instead of pellet in the bag/no bags at all, Less spodding etc etc all the normal stuff, but since then i haven't had a carp...but the bream are still a problem (i have had them on 5ft zigs). So the wife has given me Thursday and Friday night to sort this lack of carp out. Now i fish at least 1 night a week, walk for sometimes 2 hours trying to find and set up on the fish not often finding much (sometimes walking around well into midnight listening. Its only a 6 maybe 7 acre lake so with a flap of the tail they are quickly down the other end so i dont think location is a deal breaker as they move about a fair bit (obviously where possible i will try to set up on them.


I kind of thinking, im going to catch some bream regardless, I can lower the amount of bream with a 22m and 12mm snow man so should i fish and spod a ton of pellet....maybe fish a rod length shorter off to the side of the pellet spot. No pellet goes in the lake due to the bream, both my carp have come from solid bags containing pellet....should i create a bream frenzy and see if that chaos will bring in a few carp to investigate, hopefully nicking one as they investigate the area.....or am i going mad?

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28 minutes ago, bluelabel said:

drop the pellet from the feed, bream love em

most sessions since blanking has involved no pellet


13 minutes ago, yonny said:

For me pellet is a massive no-no with bream about.

They'll eat anything but big boilies and tigers is a good starting point if you're looking to avoid them.

no nuts unfortunately.

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7 hours ago, Ginger9991 said:

lol a few have been caught out already this year doing that.....1 bloke on the caps ticket who mentioned he had left a bucket in the car park...only for someone to find and open it....full of tigers...

Lol.... I don't know which is worse..... the numpty that left a bucket full of banned bait in the carp park, or the cheeky git that opened it!

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Git is not in swear filter😉
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I fish a lake with bream and tench and I've been using 11mm pellets, I find they attract the bream and tench, but I also think by using them and 18mm boilies or bigger I still catch carp and actually haven't caught a bream or tench for ages and they are present , not only that I don't think I've caught as well when I haven't added pellet, I would only use 11mm or bigger pellet though as I think small ones won't feed them off as quickly, 


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I haven't managed a fish out of the syndicate yet, although I'm learning the lake. 

Last trip I noticed a lovely spot between the trees, although it is only 4ft deep. I had a good check, and although a difficult cast it is manageable, and you have to be on the money not to be in the weed. 

It might be ignored by other members as the bank is high and precarious. 



Bream love pellets and groundbait, and I found even using tiger nuts, if you have any groundbait in the swim, they will take them. 


Just keep working and learning. 

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