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Anyone used pyramid baits pp60


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The company it self is a bit here and there they are on the same trading estate as Cov Carp Baits, sometimes they are open but a lot of the time unit is closed. they was getting bait into shops a few years back, then it all came to a stop, i've a feeling he is just rolling for other companies these days if doing anything at all. 

Never fancied them myself think it was a yeast based bait with fishmeal?

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5 hours ago, Carpbell_ll said:

I doubt it i think the yeast is used in place of a bird food and similar, imainline use it in baits as well, i'm sure one of the bait dudes on ere could give more of an insight into yeast baits

I think a yeast is Used in lots of baits now tbh, 

I believe "the cell" uses brococell yeast hence the name, now loads of companies seem to use it in one form or another, I'm no expert but I think yeast is used to help create enzymes or something 🥴

The non fishmeal based protein source could well be Pea protein hence the name pp, I believe this is also used in the DNA switch bait, and I am sure I've seen it elsewhere 

I listened to a podcast with Shaun Harrison the other day and his company quest baits he hasn't used a fishmeal in any of his baits, which is unusual in this day and age. 


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On 05/10/2020 at 11:24, Carpbell_ll said:

Saying that looks like they are open and selling their bait again


Looking at the description posted on here its protein profile will come from Pea Protein Isolate (PP and is used in the aquatic industry as a fishmeal replacement) combined with the refined milks which when used in combination (acid & rennet caesin produce a good profile when combined maybe even in conjunction with wpc80),  the yeast willmore than likely be Brocacel (digestion aid) or i know some people that are utilising high Nucleotide Yeast (more solubility and amino profile).  The cheese smell could be a good quality cheese powder (normally blue cheese powder) which was a in the original Grange Mix.

Hope that helps.



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6 hours ago, salokcinnodrog said:

I think you will find yeast is the one non-animal protein that contains every essential amino acid. 


Look up Marmite... 

Isn't Yeast is an active ingredient though, it helps things ferment and bread rise, and beer taste great 😁

So I am guessing that marmite or yeast extract is a product of fermentation of some kind,and the yeast is the catalyst to create the enzymes, amino acids, or to aid digestion, or whatever else it may do 

I may be wrong though like I said I am no expert 😁

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