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November catch report

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Did a couple of afternoons at the beginning of the month.  1st afternoon looked barren for Carp so I got the perch rod out.  Second afternoon I found a few carp milling about in the weed so

Couple of commons this weekend and cats of 35 and 41 lb🤢

Had a go at Trent View mid Nov - dusting off the kit after almost a year of inactivity. 2nd morning the middle rod was away with a 26 mirror, then got done on the right rod soon after, no other a

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3 hours ago, crusian said:

No , No , Nooo .

It's the " ice " part of Ice Fishing that I don't like the sound of .


I don't think i could either they do go all out with the warm gear and heating.

Was going to ask buzzbomb how far north the carp go in Canada, do the Carp reach Alaska? i doubt it due to the winters, Cordova looks like one super chilled out place, Hippy Cove Cordova in the summer, yes please.

Well done all those out in this the early mornings are icy cold. 

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