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Through the Mist by Terry Hearn

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Ohhh do the okey cockey lol



As you are aware, the site is up and running, all be it very slowly, but safe, Every time we fixed a issue, and went live to run tests, people were gaining access, and placing orders.

It wasn't our intention to stay live at all, as promised yesterday, but once one issue was sorted, and we could look at all the data, it turned out that all the 500 signed copies had infract all gone within a few minutes of us going live yesterday.

So, rightly or wrongly, I decided to keep the site live so that everyone who was waiting to place an order could do.

Everyone who has received a order confirmation email these orders are all ready to be processed and a shipment date added, Please remember, NO ORDERS ARE SHIPPED UNTIL MONDAY 7th DECEMBER. so if you do receive another email stating shipment date added, it will NOT be leaving till Monday at the earliest.

We understand people maybe still having issues getting on, and we are looking into this and are making changes as the day goes on.

Also, having seen many people on social media claiming they have a copy, no one, has a copy yet.... none are leaving us till Monday.

Once again, apologies for the issues, we ran tests and have ran bigger campaigns in the past, but, we had issues, and have done our best to rectify these.


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1 hour ago, Lauramitch said:

Hello - trying to order this book today but website is closed? Could anyone point me in right direction so I am able to order one please? Tried to pre book but was also unsuccessful and will have a very happy husband if I manage to get my hands on a copy for Christmas! Thank you in advance :)

It will probably be in the shops for Christmas but......

the way calm productions have performed with the online purchasing system it may not be likely 

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