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Carp fishing new Mexico

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Going to be a tricky one most of us are in the UK, don't most of the rivers and canals have common carp in them? I know Texas has some nice chunky mirrors, Lady Bird Lake in Houston has mirrors due to the ban on selling carp as live bait a lot of pet stores dumped what they call Israelis into lady bird lake. although if i lived where you are i would be Gar fishing.  Gator Gar and cat fish .

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Town Lake in Austin Tx used to host the Carp Angler's Group national championship, but that forum is just a shadow of what it was in the heyday.  New Mexico doesn't even have an active board in their SW section right now, but I recommend registering on there and making a few posts.  Maybe it will scare up an answer.

If you want them to talk to you though, you'd better put together some coherent sentences or they probably won't bother trying to help.

Edit: There was a New Mexico discussion on here some time ago:


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