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On 13/12/2020 at 07:47, jh92 said:

I’m loaded up for a few hours on the canal this morning, hopefully I can catch a few perch. Haven’t done any lure fishing since the beginning of the year so really looking forward to it!!

is anyone else doing any predator fishing at the moment?


Yeah I've spent this year buying kit as the carp venues were too busy for me, full day kits for carp/barbel/tench etc and full kits for Perch, Zander and Pike.

I've done a day drop shotting on Pitsford Res for Perch - had a small one and lost a Pike on the heavy duty rod, a day on Rutland vertical jigging for Zander and had 2 small Zed's.

Also been on my local canal and river practicing the methods and had a few small Perch and Pike.

Oh and an afternoon deadbaiting on ferry meadows where I had a Jack and my son took the second run and landed a 15lb Pike - the jammy git lol

I've told myself to keep up the predator fishing at least once a month throughout 2021 -  not to treat it as a winter thing only.

tbh I am seriously thinking of buying an electric motor with GPS anchoring and a Sonar.

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