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I bought one of these a few months ago. I used a racing bike for work (weather permitting) for 10 years and although I enjoyed it, the hills around my way are a killer (especially on the way home.) I was coming home one evening and was on a long, hard grind uphill  in 1st gear and my my thigh muscles burning and an old dear overtook me on one! I ordered one a few days later.

There are 2 types of bike, street legal or off road. Mine is a 250W motor and the power cuts off at 15mph. The trail bikes aren't governed and you can get up to 1500W and speed of 50mph and a throttle but technically you need insurance to ride them on the road.

15mph isn't all that fast and most times on the flat the power isn't on at all (you have a power output meter). On the hills it comes into it's own and it really gives you a push. They are a fair bit heavier then standard bikes as the battery is quite substantial and the frame is made of a thicker gauge to compensate for the extra power generated. If you are carting all your gear around, it would probably give that extra push you need.

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My does between 30 to 50 miles on a charge. They are technically known as pedalecs as they are combination of human effort and electric assist. The more power you put in, the longer the range of the battery. Mine has a power selector and I use that rather than regular gear changing like on a conventional bike. On the flat I'll typically use level 2 or 3 (although it will cut out anyway at 15mph) and on the uphills it's level 6 all the way!

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