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Oh don’t worry... I’ll find you! Lol! 

I did fish hamworthy lake a fair bit when based in Dorset, I always liked the place. The carp could be very hit or miss though. I used to have fish by setting up on the point/peninsula and casting into the main body of the lake towards the rushes on the far bank. They used to move up the rushes a fair bit. Also from the end of the point into the smaller section of the lake there is a bar that runs out from the swim facing the smaller section towards the rushes on the far bank to your left when stood facing straight out of the swim. I used to see carp crossing that bar a lot. The rushes at the back of the smaller section used to lead into the smaller pond behind when water levels are right, but I never saw or caught carp in the smaller pond. 

on the far side of the lake, furthest from the beach car park and closest to the holiday camp (car park up there too leads to this section of lake) is the wide Sandy expanse of bank that you can access the rushes to the left of the bank with a little bay that used to have lilies growing in there. There are small bars etc in front of this bank and they can produce fish. I have seen people catch carp by fishing from the point and rowing (or lilos!!) their baits over to the rushes, I used to try and hit the rushes religiously, until I watched a young lad catch a few by just lobbing a pva bag into the middle full of boilies. When I tried this, I started catching from the middle area - about 1/2 - 2/3 of the way across, especially at night. 

baits were just straight bottom baits nothing technical. There’s lovely tench in there too, but I didn’t get too bothered by them. I fished there with a Sgt from the marine camp and he told me of a double decker bus and an old WW2 midget submarine that were lost in the depths somewhere. In years gone by, the bootnecks would practice diving in there so I was told. As well as the usual “monster catfish” 

look on YouTube as there’s a video by dynamite baits filmed at hamworthy lake 




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I used to park up by the haven car park, the beach road car park I used a few times, never had any problems to be honest. I used to keep the seats flat and leave the car totally empty so there was nothing worth stealing. That and my car was worth about £50 all in! (£20 if it didn’t have a full tank of fuel) 

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The beach road car park used to get really busy during the summer, it was a popular spot with beach goers during the day and boy racers at night. The top car park by the holiday camp was more open and felt more secure. The close season was also enforced during my time there. 

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