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upper rivington reservoir lancashire

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5 hours ago, pablo7uk said:

Hello, just joined this place on an annual ticket and have heard there are some big carp in. No info online though at all, anyone fished this place for carp?


Thanks Paul


I used to fish it years ago for the pike, I didn't even know there were carp in there, have they been stocked? I do know many years ago it was a private trout fishery and when we pike fished one of my mates caught a 7 pound brown trout on a drifter float fishing a dead bait. Is it still on the Southport ticket?

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I don't know how they got in there but they definitely are even if the website doesn't mention it. My brother and two of his friends have seen them basking in summer and also in the shallow conservation area in spawning season. He's also long time friends with a local tackle shop owner who organises pike matches on anglezarke and there have been numerous mentions of large carp caught from upper rivington reservoir. 


Looks like I'll just have to put the time in and hope to bag one haha no doubt I'll drag in a few bream first though haha

Yeah it's still Southport ticket (SDAA). I joined just recently because they stopped the day tickets on anglezarke so thought I'd start giving this reservoir a go too.




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