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Well the day has started brighter,  Cut down sugar in tea to 1/2 tsp, ready for none by the end of the week, the protein shakes I ordered arrived in time for breakfast so I've glugged one of thos

Every journey starts with a first step mate. When I left the army, I wasn’t in a good place, wracked with PTSD, several physical wounds/injuries that caused issues, I was smoking 30-40 a day, drinking

And My day today  Kids home school,shout, cry, scream have a breakdown about now, currently vaping in garage before work  Get to work, become depressed as I drive into the gates, chat to peo

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8 hours ago, elmoputney said:

I did kind of well yesterday, until I hit the cheese and oatcakes 5 turned into 10 late night 😲 not a kebab or nothing but still not good, I'm getting some cheese triangles today so that will give me my cheese fix, I just love the cheese 😲

Can’t you buy low fat mini baby bells nowadays 

instead of red wrapping it’s blue?

or am I imagining it

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