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Hello all. After a 3 year hiatus from a 20 year career in match fishing I'm getting into carp fishing for the first time. I've just recently picked up a 9 foot Daiwa black widow stalking rod and I'm after a reel to match. I'm thinking a Shimano baitrunner 4000 but I'm open to suggestions. No massive chucks needed to begin with, just like casting and placing rigs in margins etc. Open to suggestions. Cheers. M

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31 minutes ago, bluelabel said:

Have a look at the Daiwa SS2600, not a baitrunner but a lovely stalking reel... the 4000 baitrunner is a good one too (especially the 4000 Aero X)

The daiwa gs4000 is the modern take on the ss2600 

with better line lay and less wobble and a much nicer reel to use.


it also has the infinite anti reverse so you can actually line up the rollers without them moving so you can fold the handle in the right place if that floats your boatlol

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Folding the handle in the right place is a big sticking point for me 😂 Thinking about adding another 2 rods (or 3) to the arsenal in time for out and out carping, so will be after a couple more reels to match. Liking the look of the Shimano 4000 for the stalking rod, nice and compact and I was always a fan of the baitrunner feature. For the others I was looking at either Okuma INC-6000's or Shimano Ultegra 3500's but don't fancy breaking the bank!! 

Been out of the game too long after I messed up my back in 2017, at least carp fishing I'll be able to invest in a decent chair and get some rest if the fish aren't taking 😂

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