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Hooks for floater fishing?

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I don’t zig fish, (I’m proper pants at it, something I need to remedy!) but I always use drennan super specialists in sizes 10-6 for all my floater fishing. Recently I’ve used the super specialist in the wide gape pattern when I can find them, but I’ve never had a problem with these patterns for floater fishing. Used the super specialists for as long as I can remember and the wide gape versions for the last 2 seasons, but I struggle to find them in my local tackle shops. 

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I've used Drennan Super Specialist and Specimen hooks for floater fishing for years. 

The Specimen's are fine for open water and fish up to double figures, although you can land bigger fish if you go carefully. 

The Super Specialists are better for weedy or snaggy waters and bigger fish. 

I'm not particularly good with zig rigs, but have on occasion fished them on a particular water, where I used size 10  Solar 101's which was simply what I had available. 

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