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Close season Bylaws Help Please

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Hi guys, im midlands based and fancied a little bash at some trout on the small rivers and streams. I cannot decipher the Gov guidelines to what im allowed to do, this is taken from the gov website.

These 3 local byelaws also apply.

1. Where the coarse fish close season applies and you are fishing for eels, trout or salmon, you must not:

  • use any float or bait (including ground bait) other than artificial or natural fly (excluding bloodworms, jokers and other midge larvae), spinners, minnows, worms, prawns or shrimps
  • use a keepnet or keepsack in waters where the close season for coarse fish applies (15 March to 15 June)

2. You must not keep salmon (including salmon parr) or trout in a keepnet or keepsack.

3. In addition to the national byelaws on fishing for eels, if you fish for eels during the coarse fish close season, you must not use a hook with a gape of less than 12.7mm (0.5in).

Iv been battered by some fly anglers on facebook, other parts of the country can use artificial lure as well, in the midlands it states I can only uses, minnows, worms, prawns/shrimps and spinners. My interpretation of a spinner is pictured below? I just wanted to try and get some clarification as these fly anglers done seem keen on me fishing to be honest, id love some help on this please lads. thanks and take care, 



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Closed season trout fishing on rivers, a contentious pastime as one high profile angler found out a few years back.

If you are using a spinner, attach a wire trace or you'll probably lose more pike than hook trout.

I think as long as you only take a small bag, rod and a net you'll probably be OK. Take a chair, a two rod set up and a mountain of gear, you'll probably get pulled.

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They have the old river fishing rules sowed up  best bet is to find a bit a river you like buy the ticket and do what you like but keep it to yourself  as you will get moaned at no matter what you do on rivers this time of year, really not worth it.  basically it is fly fishing only that's a whole new book of rules and etiquette.

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