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River Lot report for the last couple of years

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Forgot my password for a while so never got round to putting up a report of my 2020 carp. This year a few problems distracted me but here finally are a few recent carp photos. 

I was fishing for barbel, but always take my carp rod. When I saw the river at perfect flow and felt it was warming in the sun I felt confident there might be carp about. Put the heavy rod out at long range downriver whilst I fished the feeder rod for barbel.

The 26lb fully scaled came first, then the 29lb "ugly" carp took on my feeder rod. Last was a massive 42lb fully scaled river carp - Dream Fish! I did not take that last one up the bank, released quickly as it had put up a really good fight in the current.


I will find a few photos after lunch of last years carp.


26lb carp March 21.jpg

29.5lb carp March 21.jpg

42 lb carp march 21.jpg

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Just got a few minutes, here are last years. All between 14lb and 20lb for me.

But my friend wanted to catch a carp so I had set him up with tackle and he got the biggie at 34lb.

Fishing with friends not always recommended!!!!!



Carp 14 2020.jpg

Carp 16lb The Garden.jpg

Carp of 34lb, The Garden.jpg

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