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Is it a shocker or just not a ronnie

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Hi had a bit of a giggle at FB this morning Bishops Bowl group page one of the carp anglers posted this rig he reeled in they are all having a wild guess at just what the hell it is they ended up calling it a PVA bad rig, which it could be, but i think it has come off an okish trick running rig, certainly not a ronnie , here's the offending rig, i give you what passes as a death rig todays carp angler, oh just as an add, not one pointed out the fake corn is still fishing.  Whoever tied it just needs to use knots a bit more and cut back on the swivels?



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i will bite ...

I don’t think it’s particularly bad or unsafe

unless the plastic bait is banned then they can use it 

it’s a lazy combi  rig using stiff coated material because it’s easier to strip the coating than tie an albrite knot lol

personally I would have just used a quick change swivel rather than the quick link and a swivel


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On 06/05/2021 at 09:02, yonny said:

Agree with framey. It's a pretty rubbish rig but hardly a death rig unless I'm missing something.

My thoughts as well. 

There is no fixed lead still attached, either pendant or online, just what looks like a bag stem. 




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