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How much rest after spawning?

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How much rest do you give the carp before fishing for them again?

Most of my waters started spawning last week and over the weekend. I usually give them a week to recover, but spoke to a few people and now they are recommending 2 weeks minimum rest after spawning.

I’ve been walking my local lake everyday for the last week and they’ve got from crashing, chasing each other around the margins to nowhere to be seen, I take it they are either resting or getting their heads down looking for food?

What is the correct amount of time to give them to rest before fishing again?


I wish the fisheries would shut during this period and open again when they are done and it’s good to fish again because else it just makes it all confusing 😂

As you can probably tell I’m keen to get back on the bank 😂

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not saying waters shouldn't close for spawning but it's a bit misleading they will be spawning on and off till the end of summer it would be better to close pegs as and when needed through out the summer it might cut down on the rush to get out as much as possible in early summer.

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Not every fish spawns at the same time, some don't at all! 

My personal view, is just don't fish for spawning fish. 


On Ardleigh back years ago, I had a 13lb heavily scaled mirror from the mouth of a small bay where they would spawn, I had seen other fish splashing along the bank. 2 hours later I caught a 24 battle scarred warrior from an area 100 metres away, middle of the reservoir that had not been in the splashing fish. 

The 13lb mirror was munching on the spawn, there was no dripping milt or eggs, the 24lb mirror was built, but again was not dripping. It did not look empty, but was eating. 


At Brackens I caught a 20lb male that was pouring out milt, yet I know that they did not go into full spawning mode as mid afternoon just after they started, the weather turned cold with severe thunderstorms. 3 weeks later with no more warmer weather around, 12 fish went belly up, spawn bound after an oxygen crash. 

I've watched fish spawning, and despite getting heavily battered, scales etc, within a week, most damage is healing. 

The best person to ask is @levigsp

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shame levigsp and others don't post anymore I have caught good fish after reading levigsp's posts, I started using heavy fluorocarbon with great results after reading posts on here , would love to know his thoughts on fussy carp that will only eat what they really like whilst ignoring a good but made for retail use bait. 

are carp that don't need to compete for a feed a bite time fussy eaters?

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