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river nene fishing peterborough

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Damo, welcome amongst us. As far as I can see Charters is an old Dutch barge converted into a bar/restaurant, moored in Peterborough's city centre. Two things, some of my most prolific fishing has been in areas least likely to be fished, like city /town centres.

Second thing, imagine how much food waste is going to be "dumped" into the river in the vicinity of this barge.

Get yourself there and fish for whatever takes your bait.  You may be surprised how few restriction for angling apply in urban areas.





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i wasnt thinking about fishing right next to the barge lol . theres plenty of spots further down . ive seen people fishing there before but not sure if they have caught anything  and yes i agree probly is alot of stinky winky that goes into that river but tbh its more the dodgy lovely people who I would give my last penny to. u gotta watch out for when around those ways haha

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A PDAA club ticket is like £35 or something last I checked. You’ll be covered for miles then. 
there’s carp in that stretch for sure. And huge shoals of bream. Fishing near the barge is tricky as opposite is the railings and elevated path and you won’t get next to it at all. The rail world bank has been fenced off I believe due to drug addicts and other undesirables. 

personally wouldn’t want to be doing a night there without a few mates!! You can sometimes get them going on the top but  I’m sure Pre baiting and early morning, late evening trips for and few hours will pay off. 

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1 hour ago, kevtaylor said:

It's Neen - although I'm not local I know locals who say Nen isn't a thing at all.

I bought the ticket for Ferry Meadows and the Nene last year but never went lol - bit of a waste of money on my part 🤦‍♂️

I first heard Nen when I went to Stanick lakes (with a silent W🤔) on a carp.com social many years ago, I always called it Neen but now I am multilingual and can fit in with both cultures 😂


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