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shimano baitrunner DL/ RB.

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6 hours ago, charb said:

what do the abbreviations stand for? DL (dual???) RB (rear ???)


any help appreciated.

To be honest I am not totally sure what the DL stands for, but I do not think the DL is totally worth the extra money over the ST baitrunner range. 

I have DL10000's and other than an extra spool I don't think is necessarily better than the ST range. The build quality of Shimano's mid range reels seems to have gone downhill. 

Budget ST range or XT top price is the way to go. 

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5 hours ago, charb said:

thanks for the tip that is much appreciated. i did feel that alot of the newer models looked cheaper than the old style GTE baitrunners and such.


tight lines

My view exactly. 

I have had various baitrunners, the original 3500 GT's, 4000's, 8010's and the DL's.

A mate still uses his original 6500 baitrunners. 

The newer DL's feel cheap and tacky compared to the older models. I have broken a handle on 1 of 3, it fell off my barrow. 

I am still abusing 2 of my Aerlex 8000's bought back in 2005, they have outlasted other reels. 

The DL's have been 'promoted' to pike fishing, with braid admittedly, but for carp fishing I prefer my budget range Beastmasters. 

I found the DL10000's I was limited to around 90metres with 15lb line, the spool is not wide enough to cast further as the line depth drops too low on the spool. A 0.36mm braid will cast far enough for pike fishing, but not for carp fishing, which is why I bought the Beastmasters for carp. You can cast short with a big reel, but not long with a smaller reel. 

I'm not even sure the DL10000's are as good a casting reel as the older 4000's or 8010's, although I had no need for big casting with 15lb line on them. I did push 100metres plus with 8lb line and shock leader and they felt comfortable. 

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