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rolling rounds and results

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So the uncooked  pop up seems to be performing nicely  this pick shows the paste dissolving slowly and. I will cook them before use this was a test to see if the inner core would remain bouyent wrapped in wet paste well test a cooked one on the rig, the reason for the cork  dust mix is so I can use a baiting needle.


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just done some rig tests the wafters are the best i have ever seen they really are standing on the hair without lifting anything else, the pop ups can very nearly lift a ronnie so a bit of rig foam will see it right i was expecting it i made the pop ups and wrapped a bit of paste around them.

should be out tomorrow but it means a real early start, ain't got to a lake this early since pine pool.

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like the way that video looks especially now it's hd full 1080p think it captures the fish nice might do a vid of more night captures, still not sure which of the three it is I'll be back this week so have a look when I get there.

got my home made hook baits and a six kilo mix off manila pellet corn oats and coconut milk with a little touch of the tm1 blended into the milk and a touch of the cream sweetener. 

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