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Rob got a bit of a holiday


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And I'm just a bit jealous, but all glad for him.  He and a friend went up to Lac La Ronge for a few full days and apparently caught like bandits.  I know they did on the first day anyway, but don't have the full report.  I would love to catch a lake trout like these.  He said he didn't have a picture of the big one.



Rob trout 1.jpeg

Rob trout 2.jpeg

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18 hours ago, jh92 said:

That’s a trout?? I thought it was a pike 😂😂

Amazing fish though, were they fly fishing for them?

Yes those are lake trout.  There are lots of big pike in La Ronge as well.  The times I've fished there all I caught was pike.  I texted him and asked what they were using but no answer yet.  That downrigger outfit behind him looks like it's in use so I wouldn't be surprised if they're running their lures down deep some distance behind a cannon ball.  Average depth of the lake is 48' according to Wiki.  They could be using big jigs or flashers or spoons or crankbaits; I'll post when I find out.

Edit; they were using 8 lb cannon balls to sink their line down between 50' and 100', depending on where they were catching, and using big spoons. 

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