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Crack offs with new rods???


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i have been using some 2.75lb 10ft rods for fishing a local lake. They get a bit bendy when trying to cast with a bag or anything more than a 2.5 oz lead.

i decided to buy some higher TC rods to help with this problem. i bought some Shimano TX4 10FT 3.25LB.  ive been down the local lake and have been casting with a 3oz lead. 12LB ESP Syncro line and had 2 crack offs? I bet i don't get 2 a year normally? To be fair i was trying to give the cast full 'beans' to see how far i can go to with them. is it a simple case of going up to 15lb line or as the rod is only 10ft is it acting stiffer than a 12ft 3,.25? any help appreciated. Richard 

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12 hours ago, RJT74 said:

Hi, i went to the field and tried it with 15lb straight through and a heavier lead. No crack offs and felt easier to compress the rod with a 3.5oz lead..?

Sounds about right.


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