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Short session food?


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I can remember the first and only time I had a pot noodle… Picture the scene if you will…it was on a very cold frosty November night sea fishing god it was cold 🥶 I had my mums old tights on newspaper in my worn wellies to try and stay warm. I looked like the Michelin man with far to many clothes on. Must have been mid 1970s on the local foreshore  My mate said don’t take sandwiches I bring a pot noodle just bring a flask of hot water, this was the dark days of the glass thermos with the tartan pattern you just had to fart near it and it would shatter. Anyway I’m freezing and hungry as per he gets a pot noodle out I pour the hot water in give it a min he say you’ll love it… well the water had gone lukewarm and I didn’t put enough water in i takes a big spoonful and started choking got a lump of semi warming dryish wetish noodle stuck in my in throat..what’s up with you my mate says as Im jumping up and down on the spot trying to get air into my lungs he’s thinks its so funny and falls over laughing when luckily his father spots me he runs over wracks me on the back the lump of noodle shoots out and I go flying and trip over my mate kicking the Tilly lamp so no light  and the end of the trip.. So defo no pot noodle for me ever ! 

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A pastie, steak slice or sausage roll cooks well in the monkey and only takes about 10 minutes - just pick it up or eat it out of the pan to save washing up. A chunky soup eaten out of the saucepan also fills a hole in the cold weather. For afters, pop some custard in the saucepan and when warm, add some apple pies.

Breakfast is cereal in the summer in a small tupperware and just pour the milk on top, in winter add some boiling milk to some weetabix.

A pack of chocolate digestives keeps me going during the day as the tea is too wet without one!

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