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Third Time Lucky


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I've just come back to the sport after 20yrs out of the game. I'm no novice as I've fished for Carp since the late 80s. I do tie all my own rigs and my craft may be a bit rusty but fishing is fishing. Once you know where the likely spots are it becomes all about timing.

Recently had an operation which has limited my mobility while I recover. On my first day back on a lake I've never fished I blanked. I had 4 takes and lost them all in the heavy weed. Gutted but it only served to make me improve, plus I knew my instincts were right.

Next trip I fished a different spot but despite my best efforts blanked completely. I wasn't dissalusioned as the swans were using my part of the lake as a practice runway and the weather all construed against me. I still had a lovely chilled day out.

I picked up a useful bit of info prior to my next visit that the owners feed the carp on maize every spring. Straight onto eBay and 20kg bag of maize was winging it's way to me. I took 5kg of maize and hemp mix with me and baited the spots I first fished. Now I understood where the fish were going so now it was just about presentation. I changed all my rigs specifically for this.

I got onto the lake about 6:30am and baited the spots heavily. I then fished a boilie with a mesh bag. By 6pm I had 3 fish and I was buzzing. Phoned the Mrs to let her know I was doing the night. So glad I did as I pulled another 6 fish out including a beautiful Tench of 4lbs. My biggest Carp was a 17 with another 5 early to mid doubles. Not massive but the buzz it gave was off the charts. 

Note to one's self do not do a night in a chair or wearing a T-shirt and jogging bottoms. I was frozen and bitten by every poxy mozzy but I could give a rat's a#*e I had one of the best 24hr sessions in my life.

Never give in never give up😎


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