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Reel sizes for 10ft sonik Xtractor carp rods.


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It depends how much you wish to spend, but having owned my okuma 8ks for a while now I am happy to recommend okuma reels they are so smooth, I think the 8k might be a touch big for 10ft rods but have a look at the okuma Inc6000 for the money okuma are brilliant 

This shop even agrees with me and does a deal on them both 👍


@B Bhas the Inc6000 and the 8ks he is also an okuma fan 

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2 hours ago, Dale112 said:

Thanks for your reply Elmo I was looking to spend around £100 on each reel forgot to put that part in. That looks like a good deal to me I will have a look into this as I have not yet bought my rods 👍

I honestly don't think you will notice any difference, with other makes for £100 or less, 

I've got an aerlex spod reel and tbh my 8ks are a much better reel, also much better quality than the baitrunner I own, 

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As Elmo says the 8k would be on the big side but the okuma inc6000 be better, had a 22 lb cat on the 6 lovely drag great line lay under £70 and with a 5 year guarantee. What ever your choice is try the reel on your rod if you can. 



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