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bait boats exposed

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You might get your wish, Catapaults are under legal review again as a Deadly and Offensive weapon!:(

throwing sticks definitely are, but thats only 'cos they hurt when I hit you with it. lol:D :D :D. Don't need a baseball bat when you got a Big Cobra Throwing Stick :P


Camo Jackets, expensive ones aren't necessarily as good as Military Supply, Trust Me I know. Besides my NATO issue was free, let you work out how I got that. :wink::) :) :)

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just worked it out sorry sir not arguing with you:D :D


Don't worry I never get into an Argument while Fishing, unless somebody runs his Boat over my Lines. lol


And the only time I ever get Sir, I think is spelt different: cur?



I think with a few pieces of equipment I could stop Baitboats on Lakes, don't need a Shotgun, just a few Radio Bits.

Funny, lots of Interference on some Lakes.:wink:

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i am the recent owner of a bait boat. i bought one last week from a friend of mine. it was made by his brother about 15years ago and has been owned by a few of the guys i fish with. no doubt a cheer will go up when its seen again. my syndicate water is lined around much of the banks with trees reaching at least a 2 rod lengths out into the water. its a gravel bottom and i always check every area i cast to for snags. i've been in some contorted positions in trees at night with a rigs tied to a broomstick with PVA!! Hard work. it can be done without a boat, i know that, so am i wrong to use one to concentrate on the fishing and not the climbing trees? i can cast well, spod well and feature find no problem. i will always prefer to cast and to feel the lead touch down. the time i will really know if i can cope with the boat will come when i catch my first fish using it. i suspect it will detract from the feeling of achievement, but we will see?


it a hip shot but: what about PVA? It aids fishing and takes some of the skill out of accurately baiting a swim but i dont think its wrong to use. Was there ever a debate surrounding the use of PVA? im not trying to crowbar a comparison of PVA to baitboats but the idea of supertight baiting is the same for both. PVA falls into the advancements in materials already mentioned in this thread but it really summounts to another way of presenting a bait, which is basically what a baitboat does when used in the right hands, albeit sometimes in areas unreachable by conventional methods. and, of course, sometimes by fools with no watercraft and no respect for other anglers.


paradoxically - i was on a day tiket water last week and two guys turned up at about 10pm. they were fishin up to an island so they got out one of those massive million-canle-power spot torches out and whipped the water to a froth for about 20 minutes trying to get near the island with 6 rods.


at that particular time i wish they'd had a bait boat :rolleyes:


they left at 5am, fishless and without paying.

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I also own a baitboat. Have to say yes I do agree with some of the negative comment about them, but to be honest fellas every time I go fishing an angler has a new excuse as to why he doesnt like them, just to let you know I'm not using my boat at the moment and dont entend to due to some of the politics on my regular water.

Theres a couple of reasons why people buy them not just for getting it into the tightest of snags. Baiting, not being funny but this is my primary use of my boat, i like to have my bait in a compact area... same as you guys using a spod just more accurate and less time consuming as well as the spook affect. Look at it this way how many times has every single one of you sat in the swim next to some fella smashing out a spod all day long getting ready for his long session while you have had a wasted day session thanks to the disturbance. 2, the disabled gives a lot of people a chance to fish who may not due to some sort of illness. Safety of the fish, many of you will snigger and do some sort of stupid noise and say im having a bubble, im not. How many leads, lines, hooks, leaders, kitchen sinks, you name it do you see in trees near to snags due to people continously trying to get into a spot hard to get to? People will say thats the skill, yes it is a skill, either you have it or you dont... and if you dont?.... birds, wild life, and even fish can be damaged due to it. Now I know what many of you are going to think about me for having one, (oh he cant fish, just the boat that catches the fish) Have you know Ive been fishing for 8 years (only 18) and only had the boat a year and used it only on 1 water to catch a small number of fish, being the minority compared to the number i have caught without using the boat. And if anyone would like to be contraversial with me, take me on a spin point cast at 60 yrds see how you fare.

Not having a pop but i just want the people who are so anti them to have another look and see they are not all bad. Its progression as another guy said, its like calling a spod a form of cheating in stead of using a catapult for a stupid example.

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I know what you are saying about Day sessions and Long Stay spodding. I prefer to spod, accurately and due to wife and Kids could only manage single nights. So I don't think that the spodding creates too much disturbance on the waters I fish.

I have fished against people with Bait Boats and definitely caught more, they've struggled with Baiting situations different from everyone else with a Boat. The spod provides that, there is more scope for experimenting with baiting up.


Tackle in trees, over power cables, I've seen it on Waveney Valley, Yew Tree and a lot of that comes down to Laziness. If you creep up on a snag/ tree/ island with a few casts, clipping up, releasing a yard or so and then clipping up again, the tackle in the tree is avoided. That comes down to the Irresponsibles.



As for pin point accuracy I can and do. Deadly accurate to about 90metres. I regularly smash Marker floats with the Lead.


Its a Personal thing with me against Bait Boats, I maybe have had (censored)holes who have them on the waters I have fished, but if every Bait Boat owner has the same attitude as these people

then I would quite happily ban them.

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salok, it definitely comes accross as a personal hate of baitboats on your part. surely this thread should have shown you that not all baitboat owners "have the same attitude as these people", and so banning them would not be correct. i think you would find it difficult to deny that you are "tarring everyone with the same brush"? not everyone who uses a baitboat is a bad angler. you just seem to have found your position and it comes across that no reasoning given by anyone here would alter that? i appreciate your bad expreiences hold more weight than words on a forum but more people are posting with accounts of, in my opinion, reasonable use of boats which makes your hard-line stance continually more difficult to justify.


if a boat is just another tool inthe armoury, not a substitute for a lack of skill in other areas, then i can't see whats so wrong with them that it incites such fervent opinion?


it seems that at the heart of your argument is the fact that you have invested much time and effort in developing your skills and dont like to see anglers with boats negating all that effort on your part. be proud that you can do it without a boat

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yes I do 'Hate' them, but for this reason.

I actually used to own a Bait Boat, the Broadlands when they first came out. I used to supply the batteries for them direct to the Manufacturers.

A boat was a wonderful tool to get bait and tackle into the water.

I found my 'competitive' edge got shall we say? a little Risque.

I found I was doing things that were putting fish at risk, fishing extreme distances, extremely close and into snags. Now I know that deep down I push my luck on frequent occasions with work and sports. I found that my pushing my luck with Boats got to the stage of downright Dangerous for the fish. I thought I was responsible, but found out to my cost that I was not as Sensible as I thought. It resulted in a badly snagged fish that I had to retrieve from a hopelessly dangerous position.

Now if I can be that stupid just once, I'm sure that other people who are slightly more impetuous/unthinking than I am now would do the same sort of pushing their luck.

Just once is once too often for me, or the fish!

Hence my dislike of Boats.

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Blimey senior member now ....whats the next milestone ??


You got part of that wrong! The word is Millstone. lol;)




Apparently Senior Member is for those who survive to make 100 posts.


Reckon if you work hard enough and be a real good boy one day you may get to 'Moderator'. But that only happens to very few people.:P

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Bait boats have their place, i borrow a boat on a few waters, yes i put out a marker, i try to locate feature cast out and clips up, the same as you all do but instead of spodding and disturding others i send the boat out and drop off the amount of bait which i would spod i then cast out and sit back.


We all have been by the big spodders on a oxford water mr spodder carried out these operation for a 90 minites the water went up by 2 foot, Most of the carp got out the water and went shopping in Oxford they returns some days later when mr spodder had gone


some one drop in the swim and had a red letter day


dont knock bait boats used right they aid you in your fishing( ps a anti boat person when offered a go with the boat jumped at it almost ran the batteries down like a kid with a new toy)

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