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Insults and Swearing: Carp.com policy

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Recently we have had threads where personal insults are being thrown at other members. Can I remind everybody that this is a FAMILY site designed to encourage children and adults into fishing, and some of our members are as young as 12 years old.


Some of our members are only children and they have as much right to use the boards as you do.


The carp.com forum is there for discussions on where to fish and what tackle/baits to use to help ALL members. Any threads being used for personal insults will be DELETED.

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If you cannot post without swearing then simply do not post!
I will not make any more warnings or edits. The post will simply be removed and the Member who swears will be BANNED INSTANTLY.
I will not make any exceptions, IT IS AN INSTANT BANNING OFFENCE> and I have done so.
That includes trying to hide it behind asterisks or other digits

I DO NOT care if you are a Senior Member, or a New Member

If you see a post that is including [censored] language, DO NOT RESPOND, report it to the Mods using the "Report Post " button on each post and then leave it. Responding in kind will see more than 1 person banned, there is simply no need.

If a post or thread you read is against the rules of carp.com report it to the mods. Therefore every post has the report this post button in the lower left corner.
Even if you think that a post is in the wrong place or is incorrect then report it. We would rather have report post notifications than a bunch of insults flying

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