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Guess the weight?

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Ok, hasn't been done for a while, so I thought I'd give you a Guess the weight thread to go on.




It was just after I had had my Fishing Tackle stolen and I hadn't replaced all 3 of my Carp Rods, so I was using a Daiwa Pro-specialist 11/2lb tc tod with 15lb Line and a 2oz lead cast to the edge of a large overhanging bush. I was more comfortable playing that fish on that rod from the snag than I was on the slightly more tippy Armalite Mk II's that I was using on the other 2 spots.

It was caught on 2 Boilie discs cut from a 15lb Boilie Sausage, and some freebies thrown out in PVA Bags to the edge of the snags.


For the cheeky amongst us, I have removed the weight of the fish from the picture posting image, and also made sure that the fish (not the same pic) which appears on another thread does not have a weight registered against it.


Come on then, my answer at the end of the weekend.

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Keep guessing, :lol::lol::lol:


One guess is about 4ozs out :wink:


Oh and by the way, I realised just after I posted the first post on this thread that I had left the same fish on another thread with the same title..... :shock::?:oops::roll:



So I took the trouble to remove it from that one :twisted::twisted:

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