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Mythical carp

Do you believe in mythical carp?  

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  1. 1. Do you believe in mythical carp?

    • Yes I beleive in mythical carp
    • Maybe,they can't have all been caught before.
    • No,fishery managers and bailiffs make up stories to increase revenues.
    • No,I've already caught EVERY fish in the lake!

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Ive seen strange patterns in fish catches. Like one particular fish that only gets caught on small baits, when the rest of the fish in the pool can be caught on standard sized baits. This makes me think that fish can be quirky. If they can be quirky then some fish may not get caught at all, but I dont see that this ties up with them being big. Sometimes its the smaller fish which are harder (impossible) to catch.

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Guest grint

mythical carp!!


this is a true story there IS a carp on the lake I fish that is about 70lbs and has teeth and eats other fish and ducks!!


there's always embelisment to any story what can start as a rumor can snow ball and be blow up out of all proportion unless you see evidence of big carp treat as just a story though won't hurt to take a look ............


remember loch ness !!!:D :D

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i live near an old brick pit wich is a very well balanced water with a very low stock of fish, i fished this pit since i was 14 an have only ever manageed 1 tench an 1 pike, this water is rock solid an never have i seen another person even near this lake, i often still go 2 this lake jus 4 awalk an wonder how i would catch the real gems that lurk beneth, im 24 now and have recognized a slight pattern.i first saw them when was 14 from the low cliff top as u approch the lake,they bolted straight away, if they even get seen they seem 2 vanish for weeks, an then all of a sudden they will b back in the same spot an it will all start again,ive seen these fish about 20 times in 10 years an never ever see them any where else in the lake,as far as i no there is 3 carp in this lake an there is possibley a 40 swimming in there but i never get close enough 2 check them out 4 long enough, but i can clearly c they are all commons.

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