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I have started using 3 rods, I have back leaded all 3 rods, on my local park lake the other day I ended up in a almighty mess as I reeled in 1 rod i managed to bring in the line to the other two rods.


Endless to say i ended up in a massive tangle , lost loads of line and had to retackle all 3 rods.


Anyone give me any tips where Ive gone wrong?


and secondly i was using a stick mix in korda long chuck funnel web , after an hour brought rod in and the pva hadn't melted , how has this happened i am not sure , will pva not melt in freezing water?


any help here greatly appreciated

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Make sure that you do not cast your rods across each other and fish a semi slack line so the line will hug the bottom, even with back leads your line wont automatically hug the bottom so a fish on one of your rods or just reeling across one of them can pick up the line of the others.


as for the PVA not melting, did you make the bags in advance so that they were ready to just hook on?? if so they didnt melt because of the oil in the mix soaked into the PVA.


:) hope it helps :)

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I use both three and four rod setups, does the water your fishing require backleads close in ????


I use Korda flying back leads that nail down the last 6ft of so to the lake bed.


This then allows the remainder of the line to stay high in the water and then allows the rod playing the fish to be passed underneath the others in turn, if the fish decides to kite in there direction.


In all the fishing i have down using this method i have only tangled twice with another line and they was quick fixes.


It would be adventageous if anybody else have tried this or has a different angle.

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Try this:



and this:



Knew the Search facility could be useful :roll::wink:


As for PVA, cold water does slow down the melt time considerably. If the PVA is old then it may not actually melt at all.

Get a PVA that does work every time (one of the reasons I avoid Korda and Nash).

Test every packet you get in the margins with some bait in.


As for PVA's I've used Kryston, Carp-R-Us, Gardner, Fox and others.


Now I get my PVA from Mo's Co. He has an online shop if you google it. Brilliant service and its top quality stuff.

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Guest Anonymous

it may be worth trying 5 season pva mesh this time of year as it should melt faster


good luck


also with the backlead situation give your line 20seconds or so for it so sink i find it easier for your backleads to settle then


tight lines :wink:

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At this time of year, I wouldn't be using an oily bag mix anyway, not only will it stop the PVA melting, but the oils won't be much good in the cold water, or to the fish. I'd try a low-oil mix, such as some carp pellet, boilie chops etc, and has been said before, test one out in the margins first.

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Steve, are you using a pod or separate banksticks for your rods? Just a thought, if your swim is large enough to acommodate individual sticks you can, to some extent, make life a little easier for yourself by keeping your rods in their own "zones".

Gives you a bit of fighting room, to coin a phrase.



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