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Courtz's Carpy Captures 2008

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Got my wireless network card taken off me at home :cry::lol:


Won't be able to get the piccies up until a day or two :wink:


:oops::oops: Only just remembered i hadn't sorted the pics :lol:


14lbs and 17lbs


DSM Plum pop ups






No more piccies from the club water now until late june, i'll be fishing it ALOT from then on :D:D:D

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Well with it being nearly a month into the closed season it has been a real eye opener. I've spent so much more time just watching the fish for obvious reasons, and aim to adapt this to my angling style next season. I think staying mobile to keep on the fish, ditching the bivvy in replace of a proper waterproof bedchair cover will bring benefits. I've not wet a line for a fair few weeks now, and although I still crave to get back on there, it is nice in a way just being able to watch and keep the baiting campaign going. They're on the bait big time so I’m already confident for the start of the season, although i won't be able to get down until the 20th.


I'm so focused on catching a couple of target fish, one in particular, you have to see this fish on the mat to believe it, just inches under 3ft long!!!!!!! It'll be mine..........watch this space!



There's also the big leather which has made a re-appearance after being presumed dead, and a few more of the big original mirrors, some cracking chesnut mirrors and one or two stunning commons I would like.



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