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Angel Lake nr Limoges. Anyone know anything about it?


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Hi everyone.


I'm taking my 14 yr old son fishing in Limoges this August and have found a place called Angel Lakes. I assume that it's quite a new place as I can find very few references to it on the web.


Does anyone know anything about the place? It's our first trip abroad and I'm hoping for an 'action' water in order to really whet my sons appetite for Carp fishing. I think that there is some kind of relationship between this water and one called Fox Pool.




Tight lines,



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hi there

i went to angle lakes 2 years ago great place .

when i went tony and amanda owned it with dennis the baliff

that is the connection with fox pool as tony,amanda and dennis have moved on [fox pool] .

i dont no the new owners but speaking to tony and seeing in the angling press the fish have put on the weight, the biggest that i no of is over 60lbs [52 when i went]

a few 50s and a good head of 40s,30s,20s

i hope that will help,i dont think you will go far wrong

if i can help in anyother way contacted me



tight lines

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Go to lac serriere brillaint place, can book out smaller lake for exclusive use £600 a week accomadatio nnd food avaliable. I went there with my dad we arent the best of fisherman, dad caught a 54lb mirror ( lake record) i caught the exact same fish 2 days later. Brilliant lake with lots of features.


In limouges 7 hour drive from calais ( be sure to be past paris by 8:30 at the latest) Otherwise its like the M25 on a friday evening GRIDLOCKED!

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