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hi guys,

i cant find a recipie for great old corn boilies, i find carp here in hamilton favorite food is corn and ive made a couple of recipies that are supposed to be corn boilies but there is only corn flour in it, they dont touch it . it doesnt even smell like corn and i think that is the purpose of having corn boilies, lol.

ive tried to make strong corn boilies with corn maze and real corn it it but they just crumble!!

ive searched for an amazing corn recipie but come up with nothing

if any of you guys have a great corn smelling and tasting recipe i would really appreciate your experience

thanx in advance


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I found a pack bait recipe on-line and adapted it to make corn boillies. 1 can cream corn, 1 can whole corn, equal parts of flour, grits, and instant mashed potatoes. Adjust dry ingredients to get the consistency you are after. Make the boillie size fairly small and boil until they float. Dry as needed and then refrigerate until you plan to fish. Fish them over a sweet corn spod. I have had good luck with this river fishing. You can also add spicy flavoring for something a little different.

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I made some boilies with masa harina (corn flour for tortillas, found in the latin or international section of finer supermarkets) karo light corn syrup, and egg. Adjust until you get a sticky dough - A dough is roughly one two parts dry to one part wet ingredients.


For a small batch try one cup masa harina, one egg, and enough corn syrup in a measure with the egg to make a half cup. More flour makes it drier, more syrup makes it wetter. Have at it.


Then roll into small balls and boil until they float.


I used some on a hair and bolt and got my first screamer today. Unfortunately I was engaged in a fight with my ultralight rig and a little six pounder at the time. But it worked. Your mileage will most likely vary.


Anywho, this should be a good base to start with, has protien, fat, and carbs. At least one carp in the state of Delaware thought it was worth the hassle.....


Edit - YIKES!!! Forgot to mention the vanilla extract, put some of that in the liquid measure. From 1/4 to 1 teaspoon depending on preference.


Once you get the process down you can always add other ingredients. Good luck, tight lines, and may the carp goddess smile on you always.

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1 part cornmeal 3 parts water, pinch of salt, bring to a boil, stir until its thick and sticky (lower heat or it may scorch). From there you you could add seasonings or sweateners, including Molasses, Maple syrup, Fruit Jam, Peanut Butter, Marshmallow, whatever. Then work in enough flour or cornmeal so that it doesn't stick to your hands.


On a new recipe I always like to do a test run on the boil first, to see how they'll come out. So I'll drop like 5 in, and take them out at timed intervals. Line them up, let them cool. See which one remains flexible, yet solid enough to easily bait onto hair or hook.


Also don't be afraid to experiment with flavors on the outside also.

Snack sized ziplock bags are just right for holding 6 - 10 boilies soaking in some new secret sauce. A tablespoon of Molasses in a bowl, roll the boilies in it, then a quick dip in cornmeal or corn flour to make them easier to handle, in the water the Molasses will start to disolve, releasing a cloud of little molasses flavored corn particles in the water. Kind of like a mini pack bait.


Here in the States you can buy a little box of Corn Meal Muffin mix for 70 cents that I bet would make a fine boilie. Another one I've yet to test is a cup of cornmeal or flour, a package of jello, half a cup of boiling water.

Mix and let sit till it cools, add flour as needed and roll. They'd certainly be packed with flavor. Thinking Pineapple or Peach, hmm tough decision.


Cream style corn, Instant Mashed Potatoes, and a big bag of assorted breakfast cereals are all on my shelf waiting for warmer weather and water to start experimenting.

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