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where is the best place to fish in a small pond?

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I have fished a number of small ponds/pools in and around the Fens here in East Anglia and the one method I have found successful above all other methods is to fish the holes.

Most of these small pools have quite localised feeding spots that become holes, craters in the pond bottom.

These are created by bream, tench and of course the main culprit carp.

How to find them?

Use a sonar device like a Smartcast (google the word) or a marker rod and float (search here for info on that). If you cannot find any of these then plan 2.

Go down everyday for a week and place feed into a few margin spots where you can fish. You do not need a lot of bait and your going to have to judge the amount by the amount of fish in the pond. However a few handfuls each day will be sufficient.

Depending on the size of the pond you might just want to use a float setup rather then three rods and buzzers ect.

I fish a small pool in the fens (a little Redmire) it has 5 carp in it. All very old (40+) and big of course, as soon as you walk through the little wood and out onto the pool the carp will know your there! Stealth then is also a vital part of fishing these small ponds, in fact more than anything else.

Here is a small Fen pool carp of 14.8lb, hardly ever caught (then anyhow) and pristine.


Best of luck buddy.


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