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JRR Tolkien - Lord Of The Rings


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I've stayed away from reading this series of books, what with the massive hype and media sensation caused by the films. (In fact the media hype is the reason that I first heard of them) Now that the hype has subdued i've decided to pick up the first book. I'm only 192 pages into the book and its quite good. Better than i'd imagined it would be.


Discussion is welcomed in this thread :wink:

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I read The Hobbit when I was about 9 or 10yrs old and loved it, and progressed onto the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The films were good, but as is very often the case with films made from good novels, they cannot compare with the books at times. I love the depth they go into, the full immersion and imagery you acquire from reading them, and how some of the themes are still applicable nowadays.

I've wanted to read The Silmarillion for some time now, and I think I will have to go and get a copy soon.

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