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Strategic Carp Fishing - Rob Hughes and Simon Crow

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First published in 1997 after the authors won the World Championships of 1996, this is a book that still holds huge relevance for anyone trying to catch carp.


The book starts out by stressing the importance of having a target and a strategy in your fishing, whatever level you may be at. It goes on to consider the carp as an animal, its sensory organs, movement and (some of) the different strains of carp that are in the world today. There is good detail enclosed in these sections, without the subject matter becoming too heavy.

The location of fish and feeding areas are covered in a very interesting chapter, before the authors move on to discuss Bait, Rigs and some experiments they have carried out and the results they found.

There follows a great chapter about how they brought the World Cup home where it belongs :wink: . This is an excellent narrative that really highlights the importance of all the subjects previously discussed and is a 'real' example of there strategies in action.

Finally, specific strategies are discussed, such as 'Gravel Bars', 'Deep Waters' and so on.


I would highly recommend this book for anybody who wishes to expand their knowledge and its level of insight and detail results in an interesting read for both the novice and experienced angler alike. I liked it most for its well-thought out arguments and opinions and because it conveys a huge level of enthusiasm to the reader whilst encouraging you to constantly test yourself and try new things out.



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I read this while on holiday, along with Terry Hearn's 'In pursuit of the largest'.


Strategic Carp Fishing (SCF) is easily the best tactical/technical book on the subject I have ever read, the sections on the physiology of carp was fascinating, and the rest was almost as compelling.

I'll probably get a second copy to have as reference on the bank with me.

It makes Ali Hamidi's book look like a childs guide to carping (sorry Ali, your book is good beginers fodder, but it isn't a patch on SCF).


In addition to the anatomical/science stuff (which as thedddjjj says above, isn't heavy, in fact it could have gone further) the tactical and approach content is excellent. It links the chapters together very well, fish behaviour, weather, tactics, baiting, all comes together to form a great holistic view on the subject matter.


the rig content was good, could have gone a little more into mechanics, but good nonetheless.


The only thing I think it's missing is....




I couldn't fault it. Well worth a purchase.

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On ‎3‎/‎4‎/‎2018 at 18:22, cloud9 said:

Its not that bad BC I havent finished my copy yet , but I must say so far its got me thinking a little about my fishing ....

for under £6 you cant go wrong really , the cover price was £19.95 


Yeah, I've seen them up for £25.... I'll read absolutely anything about carp fishing, there's always something that you pick up on.... Whether it reinforces what  you already know, or if it's something different to your own way of thinking, it's a win win situation imo..:)

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