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When making/rolling your own bait, do you have as much confidence in a flavouring you can't really smell in the finished bait, or one that smells O.K, or as you'd expect it too, after boiling :?


Tha reason I ask is, the flavouring I have been using is now no longer made. Although it worked well and was quite detectable in the finished bait. The flavouring I've got to replace it, although similar, isn't detectable, even though I know it's in there. I'm not sure if all I can smell is the base mix or the eggs, or both. Can't say my confidence is very high in the finished boilies.


Andy C

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Andy i wouldnt worry about it. Follow the guidelines on the flavour bottle to the letter and you wont go far wrong. I always go on the adage that if you can smell a hint of the flavour in the full mix (be it 500g or 16oz) but NOT in a single boilie, then you are on the right track.


Also i would add try and keep the boiling to the absolute minimum. 60-90 seconds is all that you need. Any more than that and you are in danger of boiling out the flavour and denaturing the actual ingredients in the bait.

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What we smell and what fish smell is two different things `I once made a bait up and it smelt like poo i had to keep looking on my shoes but it went well good on the lake i was fishing but the wife was not best happy when i was making it up :lol:



Edited to remove a naughty word.

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