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12 fish catch with pics

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After arriveing at my chosen venue around 8:00 pm the first thing i noticed was how far they had dropped the water level it must have been at least 6-7 ft.On the sight of the lake being so far down i started to panic a little bit,beacause the spot where i useually place a bait that useualy produces a few carp was not in the water anymore.



After setting up camp and setting up the rods on simple lead clip setups with 7 inch e.s.p ghost soft hooklinks,i baitd my rods up,one was baited on nash mach1 and the other on a bait i had got a sample of to try out.

my first rod went on a spot that i have caught fish from before,the second went out into the margin with a small bag off boilie crumb and hallibut pellet, i set the third rod up on a chod rig with a 12mm pukka pineapple popup and had the rod ready to cast to any showing fish.


With the rods out and camp setup me and me pal sat back in the sun and cracked a couple of cold beers open, after about an hour one of my rods bent double and my alarm gave a onetoner, as sonn as i hit into the fish it kited of towards my mates lines, but i managed to turn its head and direct it back towards my side of the swim.Once the netted i put it on the unhooking mat unhooked it and applied little bit of clinic to the mouth,the fish weighed 16lb and was a common.


The second run was the same agressive take like the first one, but the fish got snagged up and my hooklink snapped at the hook so i changed over to coted braid to keep the stiffness of the flourocarbon ,but to give me a bit more power at the hook end and i never lost another fish that night so the decision prooved a wise one.


From there on the acton was pretty mutch non-stop totaling 12 fish with the smallest being arounnd 9lb and the biggest being 16lb,i also caught a nice scaley fish at around 2:00am,the majority of the fish were caught on that spot that i had fish from brfore.I just goes to show that if things are looking grim upon arriveal to the venue if you adapt correctly you can still catch carp.






a nice looker



a diferent veiw






early morning




:D picture qualitys a bit poor because i had take them on my phone due to braeking camera :evil:

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