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boilie recipe required


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I did give you a quick reply on your welcome thread in the New to Carp.com section, but I'll reproduce it here, and maybe see if I can elaborate a bit more


You don't have to use a flavour in a bait, but I seem to think that Nutrabaits Garlic mint is mostly on Essential oils, so is not as overpowering as some others.


Any bait can be used with any flavour, although I also seem to remember it did work well on BFM, and various other fishmeal baits, so try it with the pellets based bait that is mentioned in the Bait making stickies section



7 oz Ground Pond Pellets

1 oz Sodium Caseinate

1 oz Soya Flour

1 oz Codlivine

The recipe above will work as standard, but I know that a mate of mine who uses something very similar prefers a low level flavour and essential oil blend to "improve" its attraction, I think that it will work with Garlic Mint, and probably without any additional essential oil :wink:


Tim Paisley used Big Fish mix with Garlic Mint on The Mangrove for a number of years, although I'm sorry, I don't know the full attractor package, it probably also included a Bulk Food oil (probably Salmon) and Nutramino or similar.


From the base I would imagine it will also go well with a meaty base mix, although I don't know how it will react with Birdfood mixes (probably well with some and not so well with others). It may depend on the type of Birdfood, spicy or biscuit/nut based. Sort of the difference between Enervite and Enervite gold, I would reckon it would go better on the original Enervite


A word of warning for you, it is actually more potent and smelly after boiling than before you use it, at least you can put the lid back on the bottle, which you can't with the finished baits :shock:

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