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BIOSECURITY - Coming to Australia

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For those many anglers who head down under for a fishing trip there are a number of items you need to be aware of in terms of getting equipment in.


Australia takes border security and quarantine very seriously, fishing equipment will be inspected and possibly confiscated.


Top of the hit list is Didymo.



Disallowed items:


Bear in mind anything egg or animal protein based will be rejected. This includes boilies, mixes and certain additives.


What can you do?

Thoroughly clean all gear (rods, reels, tackle) before entering.

Strip all line from reels, and bring in line in new, unopened packets.

Don't bring or ship used landing nets or landing mats. Send/bring new, unopened ones and they will get through.


If you have someone down here already, pre-shipping equipment is a viable option to avoid delays in quarantine.

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Have been thinking about this a bit as I'm off soon. Asked AQIS about how to clean my gear and they wrote back with this info....


"To clean the equipment all surfaces must be completely immersed for 30 minutes in hot water maintained at or above 45°C, containing 2% dishwashing detergent or nappy cleaner and completely dry prior to arrival in Australia. If contamination or animal tissue is found, the fishing flies or other fishing equipment must be treated, re-exported from Australia or destroyed. Treatment or re-export must be paid for by the importer.


Looks like most of my gear is taking a bath!!!


And I've got to buy a new landing net, mat and sling!! This trip is going to cost big time!




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I took a load of gear over on my last trip, and didn't have a problem with customs. I did get checked and they did ask a few questions but was through quicker than my wife...


What i did was to print off the guidelines / rules and regs set by them (and if stopped by customs) you can quote and show them you have cleaned your kit etc in accordance with them above documents.


Ensure it is very clean, and if possible put nets/bags etc through the wash in the local laundrette..


And follow the other tips above as for reels etc.


Don't take any bait / you can get what you need over there... Supermarket baits are the way to go not bollies....

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