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Thought I would start a new topic to encourage some sharing of information.

Here we go.


Thought I,d share this one.

Made some pellet PVA bags this recently and with a bit of difficulty trying to tie the bags with one hand and holding the twisted end with the other, it was like trying to peel an orange in your pocket with a pair of boxing gloves on!

So got the forceps gave the bag a bit of a spin which in turn held the opening closed and left both hands free to tie the old granny knot to where the hook can be attached.




Pellets in a bag is worth 20kgs on the bank!!

In the famous words of Mr Paul Daniels"THATS MAGIC" :o :o :o

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If you want to get that 'must change hooks because this ones gone blunt from too many hookups' feeling that I had this weekend. Float tactics in heavy weed, 4-10 foot of water, was targeting an area where a runoff creek has formed a subsurface channel. Being able to run the boat/sounder over an area really helps with tactics.




Nothing major sizewise, most were in the 2-5lb bracket, a few in the 8-12 range but strangely all were commons, usually the water produces about 20-25% mirrors, but not one mirror banked.


And about 20 redfin perch. Nothing sizewise. Mostly concentrating on trolling lures and drift bobbing worms for natives (goldens, cod) but not a hit those methods.

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