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Bait Boats in Australia

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These seem to look ok, double click on photo to see larger image.

Sent a request for costing including postage to the manufacturer, only one snag, minimium order of twenty, so if anyone is interested in one I,ll keep you posted on any developments on prices.

Total cost divided by 20 plus postage within Australia.

I would,nt want make a cracker on them, just share the costs and give the lads a chance to own their boat and get one myself also. Cheers



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M8, you wanna be careful there, you could very well end up with 19 surplus bait boats in the shed - I don't think 'her-in-doors' would be too happy about that :shock:


There is a company in Perth that sells them direct from their warehouse - have you looked at theirs at all :?:

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Save your money mate, i bought one (from Alibaba, claiming to want one as a demo prior to ordering more) and it's total [censored]! Loud thing out aswell!


Glad I did,nt hey...I was trying to pump him for a free one, but he would come to the party.......so it was PVA bags and a spod rod instead.

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I'm seriously thinking of making one. I have a 12 channel Graupner radio sitting there doing nothing.


A block of blue foam glue together and carved into monohull shape with a hot wire. With a lot of fiberglassing and some sandpapering... Fitted out with a 7Ah Gell cell and a reserve battery.


Twin 600 or above series motors and a little speed 400 for tooling around with the bait ..... or dragging a lure...


I reckon it would skip across the water if there were no fish about. 12 volts will also power a little 2.4 GHz camera... although the Lake in Canberra isn't exactly known for it's viewing pleasures...

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DON'T BUY ONE!!!!!!!


i have one and it's total [censored]e!


Drives way offline as one motor is much stronger than the other, the dropper keeps failing and the fish finder/depth sounder doesn't work AT ALL. It has a range of 30m and can only carry/drop 3/4 kilo of bait


I got rolled, $330 i paid :(


Well unimpressed

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