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Albert River, SE Queensland

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G'day All,

So finally got the chance to go out with Dad and have a look around and put some bait in a couple of likely areas. Saw a platypus, kangaroo & joey, white heron, frilly necked lizard, freshwater mullet and some reasonably carpy spots!! :D Hopefully these photo's will work but I might just do a test first hehe!!


















Dad waiting patiently in the Cook Mobile!!






Hope you like 'em, more to come when I get fishing!!!




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On ya Ben,


Glad to see you arrived safe and sound.

Very carpy indeed, may have to bring out the jungle machette and whipper snipper to get in to some of the swims hey.

Looks to be a excellent stalking water, would be nice to see a few fish to home in on.


Out for a reccy last week with Andy checking out a local venue we have had our eye on for sometime now.

It,s a great venue, we have christened it Dredgemire after the famous Redmire pool! lol.

A very open water but there is a couple of swims that we can open up out of the general publics eye, basically in among some trees and bull-rushes.

They will need quite a little bit of gardening done to them but I think it will be worth in the long term.


Looking forward to any east coast captures. Cheers.


ATB from the west


Paul A.K.A Nails

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